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Easter Card - Greeting Card with Easter Bunny on its Way

Easter Bunny Card

This card with the cute Easter bunnies motif requires minimal time to create since all of the elements are die cuts.

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Wood Craft for Spring and Easter - Wooden Country Easter Bunny Plaque with Easter Eggs

Bunny and Eggs Wall Plaque

Welcome Easter with this cute Easter bunny sign for your door or walls. It is an easy project to saw out and if you are really persistent, it is also finished in a day.

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Paper Craft - Woven Easter Basket

Woven Corrugated Cardboard Easter Basket

For Easter, you can create this easy basket within an hour just using corrugated cardboard and a couple of die cut embellishments.

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Patchwork Craft for Easter - Easter Quilt or Wall Hanging

Small Patchwork Wall Quilt for Easter

For those who do not have a lot of time or a lot of space to create a large quilt, this mini version is perfect.

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Paper Craft for Easter - Standing Paper Chick

Flower Pot Paper Chick

This is a whimsical decoration for Easter to add a touch of color to your green plants.

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Felt Craft for Easter - Felt Hen Egg Warmer

Felt Hen

You can sew this hen and use it in different ways.

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Easter Card - Yellow Card with Eggs

Happy Easter Card

This is a bright and cheerful Easter card and is very easy to create. Dangling eggs spell the words ”Happy Easter”€¯.

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Easter Crafts - Sewing Project - Soft Fleece Easter Bunny

Soft Toy Bunny for Babies

Create this gentle little bunny and it will make a perfect crib toy for any small baby. It is made out of a warm fleece material and is very gentle and soft to the skin.

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Easter Craft for Kids - Decoupage Easter Egg Using Paper Napkins

Decoupage Easter Egg

You can create a easy Easter decoration by taking small empty branches and sticking them in a larger vase. Then create homemade Easter eggs to decorate the branches. This particular egg is created by taking simple plastic eggs and using the paper napkin applique technique to cover them.

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Easter Paper Craft for Kids - Easy Easter Basket

Easy Easter Basket

This is a fun craft project for school-aged kids that is easy to make.

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