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Easter Craft - Fuzzy the Bad Hair Day Chick

Bad Hair Day Fuzzy Egg Chick

This cute little guy is having a bad hair day but is such a fun and easy craft for children to make for Easter. Minimal materials are required to finish him and within just a few minutes, he is completed.

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Wood Craft for Spring and Easter - Wooden Sign with Crossing Bunny

Bunny Crossing Door Sign

If you like a warm country look, this is a quick project to make for your hallway or your door. It is held simple in basic brown colors for a rustical look.

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Decopatch Easter Bunny Ornament

Decopatch Easter Bunny Ornament

At craft stores you can purchase acrylic figures in all shapes and for all seasons.Using different papers to decoupage them gives the item a sort of patchwork look which makes it unique.

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Paper Craft for Easter - Paper Bunny Decoration 200

Paper Easter Bunny for Kids to Craft

This Easter Bunny stands on his own and makes a cute and easy to craft decoration. Kids can also create him to decorate the table on Easter morning. Instead gluing a heart to the center, create name tags with the names of each family or guest member.

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Melting Beads Easter Bunny

Melting Beads Easter Bunny

This bunny can be made in any color and is a fun project for little hands to make as a decoration for Easter.

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Happy Easter Card with Bunnies

Happy Easter Card with Bunnies

Cute little die cut bunnies adorn this cheerful Easter card.

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Easter Goodie Bags with Easter Bunnies

Easter Bunny Gift Bags

This is a cute way to present a small gift for Easter. With help of die cuts, this project is quickly made. The bag was also hand made by using a bag template but you can also purchase bags at your local card shop or craft store.

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Easter Card With Vintage Easter Motifs

Easter Card with Vintage Motifs

Vintage Easter motifs give this card an old fashioned and nostalgic look.

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Paper Craft for Easter - Brown Gift Box Easter Bunny

Easter Bunny Gift Box

This bunny has a secret! Not only does he look cute and can sit on his own as an Easter decoration, but he is also a disguised gift box. His 2 halves can be taken apart and within him is a storage place for a small present for Easter.

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Easter Egg and Flower Garland

Easter Egg and Flower Garland

This garland is fresh in the pastel colors of spring and will will decorative hanging at any window or glass door.

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