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Easter Centerpiece - Wine Glasses with Tea Lights

Easter Tea Light Centerpiece

These wine glasses were previously used for summer and for Christmas and here are two versions that can be used for the table at Easter time. The first is a natural looking version and the second example uses more color.

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Decopatch Easter Egg

Decopatch Easter Eggs

Decopatch paper comes in so many colors and designs and makes it so easy to decorate just about anything. These eggs are an example of what you can create with a small amount of paper.

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Colorful Easter Egg Craft for Kids

Colorful Easter Egg

This Easter project is fun for even the smallest of hands. The egg looks so cheery with the brilliant colors that were used.

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Craft Project for Easter - Wooden Spoon Easter Bunny

Wooden Spoon Easter Rabbit

Wooden spoons are not just for the kitchen anymore. They can be used to create cute characters such as this Easter rabbit.

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Paper Easter Eggs

Stitched Paper Easter Eggs

Pretty and soft colored scrapbook paper perfect to create these paper Easter eggs. When a little batting is used inside the egg, the stitching almost makes the egg look like fabric that has been quilted.

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Felt Craft for Easter - Felt Chick Egg Warmer

Felt Chick

You can sew this chick and use it in different ways.

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Crochet Easter Basket

Crochet Easter Basket

This basket was crocheted with jute which gives it a lot of stability.

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Easter Egg Wreath

Easter Egg Wreath

This pastel colored wreath has a light and airy look to it. You may use either use blown out real white eggs or plastic eggs to make this project.

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Felt Craft for Easter - Felt Bunny Egg Warmer

Felt Easter Bunny 2

You can sew this bunny and use it in different ways.

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Craft Idea for Easter - Decoupage Candle with Easter Chick Motif

Decoupage Easter Candle with Chicks

You can use any motif you like to match your decor and the craft is finished within 15 minutes. Makes a nice gift as well.

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