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Corrugated Bunny Paper Napkin Holder

Easter Bunny Paper Napkin Holder

This bunny is a cute and easy idea for spring and lets kids help create decorations for the Easter dinner table.

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Wooden Easter Bunny Embellished With Scrapbook Paper

Wooden Easter Bunny Embellished With Scrapbook Paper

This sweet bunny is quick to saw out and the project is finished in one afternoon. When you use thick wood, it can stand on its own. You can of course create a base for it if you like.

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Easter Crafts - Sewing Project - Easter Bunny Plant Stick

Fabric Bunny Plant Poke

This is a quick, easy and inexpensive sewing project for Easter. Out of left-over fabrics that fit to your decor, you can create these bunny pokes to decorate plants in your home.

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Craft Idea for Easter - Acrylic Egg with Easter Bunny Motif

3-D Easter Bunny in Acrylic Egg Ornament

This is a very lovely Easter egg and it is so easy to craft. It requires about 30 minutes to complete.

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Easter Craft - Felt Chick Craft

Peek-a-Boo Felt Chick

This chick is making his grand appearance just in time for Easter. This project is easy and finished within 30 minutes.

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Easter Craft - Candle with Bunny and Chick

Paper Napkin Decorated Easter Candle

A plain white candle and a decorative paper napkin with an Easter motif are all you need to create this project.

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Sewing Craft for Easter - Felt Easter Bunny Project

Felt Easter Bunny

This soft and cute bunny is an extremely quick sewing craft for Easter and requires just a minimal amount of materials.

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Easter Card - Foxwood Tales Card

Easter Card with Foxwood Tales Motifs

This motif brings back childhood memories of reading the stories of the Foxwood animals. They make a perfect motif for warm and charming Easter cards.

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Fun Foam Craft - Easter Bunny

Foam Easter Bunny 2

Fun foam is easy for kids to cut out and is a perfect material for creating this cheery Easter bunny. The directions are given for completing one side of the bunny. If making a decoration for the window or to hang freely in a room, it is recommended to decorate both sides of the bunny. Make sure to cut out the duplicate pieces in reverse.

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Easter Craft for Kids - 3-D Paper Easter Egg

3-D Paper Easter Eggs

Why not get some branches from a bush or small tree and put them in a large vase. Rearrange them so that they look decorative. At springtime or Easter, kids can craft homemade Easter ornaments and decorate those branches. These 3-D eggs are simple and easy to make and look very decorative when more of them embellish the branches.

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