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Easter Chick Craft Stick Picture

Decoupage Craft Stick Picture

This is a fun and quick way to add a spring touch to your home. A couple of craft sticks and a decorative paper napkin of your choice is all you will need to create this project.

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Craft Idea for Kids - Spring and Easter Craft - Fuzzy Craft Stick Chick

Fuzzy Craft Stick Chick

Who would believe that this chick is made using a craft stick? This feathered friend looks and feels very soft and is a lot of fun for the kids to craft for Easter. This craft project is made within 30 minutes if using thick glue but needs much less time when using hot glue.

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Spring and Easter Craft - Chenille Chick

Chenille Chick

Chenille is a fun material to work with and kids can craft numerous animals with it. This is an idea for spring and Easter. After your kids are finished creating this soft and cute chick, they can use it as a bookmarker for their favorite story, as a character in a puppet play or even to decorate and cheer up moms green plants.

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Easter Craft - Clay Pot Chick Craft

Clay Pot Chick

Kids can make this craft for spring and Easter but also to add to a group of barnyard friends. With some imagination, a whole farm of cute animals can be crafted out of clay pots. Find a few examples below.

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Easter Craft - Felt Craft - Felt Hen Flower Pot Sitter

Whimsical Felt Chick Flower Pot Sitter

This funny little guy will bring color to your plants this spring.

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Spring Craft for Kids - Perler Beads Hen

Perler Beads Hen

Kids can create this proud hen to decorate the windows during spring. When the sun shines, she will brilliantly show off her colors.

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Paper Crafts for Spring - Paper Hen Decoration

Sitting Hen Window Decoration

Another variation of the wooden hen seen on this website is the paper version for children to do. This makes a great decoration in the window at springtime, but fits in the kitchen window all year long, just as well.

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