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Easter is celebrated in spring in March or April and it is the time of the year for nature to awake from the winter slumber. Spring flowers such as tulips, crocus and daffodils are starting to bloom and the birds are now singing much louder, as if they are celebrating the season with their song.

Whether you would like to make decorations for the home and table for Easter, creating paper crafts, sawing and painting wood crafts, making cards or simply need Easter craft ideas for the kids, here you will find lots of ideas and projects.



Quilled Paper Easter Eggs

Quilled Paper Easter Eggs


Wine Glasses with Tea Lights

Easter Tea Light Centerpiece


Furry Easter Bunny and Sheep

Bunny and Sheep Ornaments


Plaster of Paris Easter Decorations

Plaster of Paris Decorations


Beaded Easter Egg

Beaded Easter Egg


Paper Mosaic Easter Eggs

Paper Mosaic Easter Eggs


Corrugated Paper Easter Basket

Corrugated Paper Basket


Easter Bunnies Paper Garland

Paper Easter Bunnies Garland


Origami Easter Basket with Eggs

Origami Easter Basket


Easter Bunny Paper Egg Holders 1

Easter Bunny Egg Holders


Easter Basket

Easter Basket Craft


Easter Glass Candle Holder With Bunny Motifs

Easter Hurricane Lamps


Cute Simple Bunny

Cute and Simple Bunny


Clay Pot Bunny

Clay Pot Easter Bunny


Fuzzy Corrugated Cardboard Easter Bunny

Fuzzy Stitched Bunny


Folded Easter Bunny Table Garland

Paper Easter Bunny Decoration


Beaded Easter Eggs

Beaded Easter Eggs


White Fun Foam Bunny Plant Stick

Fun Foam Bunny Plant Sticks


White Easter Bunny

White Easter Bunny


Glitter Easter Eggs Craft

Glittery Easter Eggs


Fuzzy Plastic Canvas Bunny

Fuzzy Plastic Canvas Bunny


Paper Easter Egg Ornaments

Cardboard Easter Ornaments

Vintage Wooden Bunny Craft

Wooden Easter Bunny

Easter Bunny Paper Tea Light House 3

Easter Bunny Tea Light House




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