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Easter is celebrated in spring in March or April and it is the time of the year for nature to awake from the winter slumber. Spring flowers such as tulips, crocus and daffodils are starting to bloom and the birds are now singing much louder, as if they are celebrating the season with their song.

Whether you would like to make decorations for the home and table for Easter, creating paper crafts, sawing and painting wood crafts, making cards or simply need Easter craft ideas for the kids, here you will find lots of ideas and projects.






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Plaster of Paris Easter Decorations

Plaster of Paris Decorations for Easter

Instead of using craft molds intended for plaster of Paris, silicone baking molds from the kitchen were chosen to create these Easter figures. You can paint the castings then anyway you like but for this project, brown paint was used to create chocolate looking figures.

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Quilled Paper Easter Eggs

Quilled Paper Easter Eggs

Using scrapbook paper instead of quilling paper is interesting because the scrapbook paper is white on the backside and leaves a white edge on each quilled piece. And exactly that seemed fascinating because once the quilled paper circles were glued together, the egg looked somehow antique and subtle, rather than brilliantly colored.

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Wood Crafts for Spring and Easter - White Wooden Bunny

Large Bunny with Carrots

Welcome the spring season by adding this charming little fellow to your home this year. This wood project is complete with all instructions and patterns, so he can be finished just in time for Easter.

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Beaded Easter Eggs

Beaded Easter Eggs

These are incredibly easy to make and even the kids can decorate the eggs.These eggs were made in a solid color but you can also create patterns or use many different colored beads to create a mosaic effect.

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Easter Centerpiece - Wine Glasses with Tea Lights

Easter Tea Light Centerpiece

These wine glasses were previously used for summer and for Christmas and here are two versions that can be used for the table at Easter time. The first is a natural looking version and the second example uses more color.

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Paper Mosaic Easter Eggs

Paper Mosaic Easter Eggs

Pretty colorful origami paper was used to decorate these eggs in a mosaic style.

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Corrugated Paper Easter Basket

Corrugated Paper Easter Basket

A package that came in the mail recently was full of corrugated paper that was used to protect the item that was sent. With Easter coming soon, it seemed appropriate to make an Easter basket with some of it. The result is a natural looking decorative basket that only cost a couple of drops of hot glue and a little time to make.

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Easter Craft - Clay Pot Bunny

Clay Pot Easter Bunny

This Easter Bunny is waiting patiently for Easter to come. His first egg is ready to be given away. This project is really fun for kids. An idea would be to create a few of these and use them as place markers for Easter breakfast. Create a small paper sign with the names of the guests and insert the sign in the other hand”.

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Paper Craft for Easter - Origami Easter Basket with Eggs

Origami Easter Basket

Who could believe that this Easter basket is created out of one piece of paper? This will make a fun group project for children as well.

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Easter Bunny Paper Egg Holders

Easter Bunny Egg Holders

You can make a parade of Easter bunnies for the breakfast table on Easter morning. They are a cute decoration and at the same time hold an hard boiled egg on their backsides.

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